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I Want You Still But Just Can't Take It [entries|friends|calendar]

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Winning Day [Sunday
6:51pm January 22nd]
I am happy to be back!
Today was a perfect day just because of this: manchester united 1-0 liverpool!!!!
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7:29pm January 8th]
[ mood | anxious ]

Finally the layout looks good!!! I hated the old header nad when i changed it i started changing the rest of the colors.

Tomorrow i am going back to school, for some unkonwn reason i miss everyone i guess i spend too much time with all those people everyday, i can't wait to hear all holidays stories.


Hello LiveJournal! [Monday
1:33pm January 2nd]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I am starting this new year getting into the lj world! I am still trying to figure out some stuff but i am doing my best. The layout turned out a little weird but it isn't bad for the first one.

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